Through our partnership with Dahl House at Cass Farm, Cultivate is able to offer the full Care Farm model clinical program to adults entering substance abuse recovery. Residents take part in the full clinical program of Cultivate Care Farms including individual therapy, group therapy, case management, family counseling where appropriate, and other clinical services. Additionally, residents are able to obtain employment or continue educational pursuits while in the program. 

The Carl E. Dahl House is a therapeutic farming community located in the bucolic North Quabbin region of Massachusetts. Dahl House residents learn to tend to livestock, care for crops, and reconnect to the earth while accessing the clinical support and recovery education that will position them for personal growth and continued sobriety. 

Situated on a 30 acre hilltop in Athol, Massachusetts, our farm represents a departure from traditional approaches to substance use and other co-occuring disorders. While residents of our home are provided a first class education on established recovery support options, they also learn something most programs cannot offer....purpose. The other "residents" of our working farm include goats, pigs, chickens, horses and more. All of these animals greet new residents with a message they may not have heard in some time... "I need YOU". Animals and crops know nothing about stigma, cast no judgment, and have no interest in the past of an individual. They seek companionship and a symbiotic relationship with our residents that provides returns which cannot be measured.

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