Meet Rocky, the horses’ boss. He has been on the farm the longest out of all our horses and considers himself the leader in charge of the herd. If any of the horses leave the area, Rocky gets very upset and won’t stop whinnying until the horse returns. So, Rocky takes care of the place and wants to be recognized for this. Many of our clients note that Rocky strives for attention. He comes and interrupts conversations, staying right in front of people, as if to say, “Now look at me! I am here! Admire me, I deserve it!”

Sometimes, Rocky can be jealous. His feet are medically compromised; he even needs special shoes. Yet, when Flip had arrived, Rocky chased him around all day long just to show his dominance until he got absolutely exhausted. Only then did he stop chasing, and they are fine with Flip now. 

However, Rocky is very friendly with our clients. He recognizes people’s emotions and facial cues and is very involved during the sessions. He just shows up and gets in the middle of it if he feels that something intense is going on. This horse follows the client around all the way through a session. 

Moreover, Rocky loves kids. He allows them to paint him, brush him, and walk him. He is a very safe and strong horse, and he works well for the EAGALA model.