Meet Luke, the goat. Do you know what his superpower is?


Luke has no judgments and he loves physical touch. Like a dog, Luke follows people, shows his affection to them, gives kisses and asks for pats and scratches.  People that rarely hug or touch each other but feel safe being touched by the animal. That is why Luke himself is a great therapy for our clients who are used to being judged or feeling socially isolated, or don’t have close friends. He just helps people feel accepted.

You will easily recognize Luke among other goats on the Farm. He loves laying in the food basket. Otherwise he is always in the middle of what is happening in the flock or hanging out with his friend Horatio, who is also a goat.

Like many other animals, Luc always does what he wants and thus demonstrates to our clients and clinicians that it is really important to be oneself and do what one wants to do; don’t worry about what other people think.