Meet Flip, our new horse. He is around 25 years old. Flip has recently arrived at the farm to be a part of our EAGALA therapy after his retirement. He had participated in Grand Prix Show Jumper and won at several shows for the barns he was trained in. People who kept Flip for racing could not afford to maintain him when the horse stopped competing professionally. So we rescued this wonderful animal, but his former owner is still in touch with Flip and visits him on the Farm.

Flip is a very kind and gentle horse. He is very sensitive and engaging during the sessions. Once he just walked and stopped right in between a client and a therapist during a particularly intense moment as if to say: “Don’t push it”.

Flip is also very expressive. He can recognise people's facial expressions and mirror them. So he can be good in helping veterans and individuals who experience post-traumatic stress disorder or difficulties with anger management.

As a newcomer, Flip is now adjusting to the new place and to the herd. Rocky, who is the leader, is a bit jealous of him. When we introduce Flip to the clients, Rocky storms to the place to kick Flip and move him away. However, Flip has already befriended Liam, our youngest horse, and the two of them are usually stay together.