Join Michelle Drolsbaugh, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, for a drop-in parenting group for caregivers of children and teens with mental health issues.

This group meets at Cultivate Care Farms on specific Saturdays through June from 10:00-11:00am. Each session costs $30. Please RSVP to the Site Director, Megan Moran, by the Wednesday prior to the group you would like to attend at:

Dates and Topics Include:

4/27: Understanding Trauma

Join us to understand the different types of trauma youth can experience, the impact on development, and how to support youth to heal from the effects of trauma. 

5/04: Improving Family Time

Share ideas about how to improve the quality of our time with our children. We will talk about different ways to positively engage children and youth in family time. 

5/11: Grief and Loss

A move, the death of a family member or beloved pet, or the ending of a relationship. These kinds of experiences can leave our children sad, angry, anxious, and confused. Join us to talk about how to support the child in your life through the grieving process. 

5/18: Substance Use

Marijuana, vaping, alcohol, oh my! Join us to talk about how substance use impacts youth, why they use substances, and how to keep them safe. 

6/01: Preparing for Summer

The transition to summer can bring excitement and and stress. Join us to talk about how to manage the changes that come with the end of the school year. 

6/09: Wrap-up 

Celebrate summer and our journey together. We will review what we’ve talked about, spend some time with the animals, and get ready for a great summer.