Fiber Craft for a Fuller Life: Untangling the Knots of Stress Through Creativity and Fiber Arts


Through an array of meditative activities, this group explores the benefits of fiber arts on the mind and body. Much of the fiber comes from the animals of Cultivate Care Farms, where farm-based therapeutic activities are woven into the fiber of this crafty group. No fiber arts or crafting experience necessary, no materials necessary. Outside projects are welcome and invited. Instruction and Guidance provided.

Topics Covered: Needle felting, Hand Spinning, Knitting and Crocheting Instruction, and Improvisational weaving

Additional Topics: Skirting, cleaning, carding and spinning wool; Animal care and fiber arts; Implications of self-care, and creative expression for a balanced life; Mindfulness and movement practices

Contact us to see when the group starts! 

Suggested $10 donation per group 

Mindful Goat Meditation

Regular mindfulness practice has been proven to decrease stress, reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression, as well as increase a positive state of well-being. In Mindful Goat Meditation you will be led through a 60-minute mindfulness sitting practice surrounded by animals associated with curiosity and inner-balance. Participants leave feeling refreshed, peaceful, and grounded.

Each session is $35 and can be paid the day of the session by cash, check, or credit card. Sessions are limited to 10 participants.

Please, reach out if you are interested in this type of opportunity. Email Megan Moran at:

We look forward to sharing this new experience with you!